Mohammad Reza Ale Ebrahim

Mohammad Reza Ale Ebrahim was born on 24 October 1951 in one of the poor districts of Estahban, Fars province. His passion for teaching made him a dedicated teacher who served not only in the villages but also among the nomads for 20 years; “۲۰ years of teaching and learning” as he describes them himself. He holds a double B.A. in Training Sciences (management and planning) and the Persian literature.

His love for oral lore and culture not only made him a wholehearted researcher and anthropologist but also provoked his encouragement for his students to follow suit. The result of their effort was contribution of more than 60 stories to the 20-volume Iranian Legends and Fairy Tales Encyclopedia (Farhang-e-Afsanehay-e Irani ) which is collected by Ali Ashraf Darvishian and Reza Khandan (Mahabadi).

Ale Ebrahim’s first work was published in Ferdowsi Magazine back in 1979; ever since, he has written more than 450 short stories, research articles, books, essays and reviews.

Moreover, he has been responsible for the story-writing association at the Culture and Islamic Guidance Office in Estahban. He has also organized story-writing festivals in the same city.

Ale Ebrahim has so far published more than twenty books on fiction, folklore culture, introducing prominent people from his hometown Estahban, characters such as Ardeshir I, the founder of Sasanian Empire (180–۲۴۲ AD), Ghazi Azododdin Iji (the Master of Hafez), Martyr Rabe (Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Bagher Mojtahed Estahbanati), the martyr of the Constitutional Revolution, Amir Mokhtar Karimpour Shirazi (who was set afire by Ashraf Pahlavi after the 1332/1953 Coup d’etat). He has also edited many poem divans by Estahbani poets such as Shams Estahbanati, Aaref Estahbanati, Sheikh Maghrebi, Asghar Vafadar and Ghasem Kahkeshani.


The Revolt, Life and Struggles of Karimpour Shirazi (2004)
Ghazi Azododdin Iji (2005)
Martyr Rabe (the martyr of the Freedom Path) (2005)
Wedding Ceremony and its Popular Songs in Estahban (2007)
Estahban Folk Games (2007)
Ardeshir Babakan, the Son of Bakhtehgan (2008)
Estahban People’s Culture in Moharram, Ramezan and Prayers for Rain (2008)
Ancient and Religious Monuments and Tourist Attractions in Estahban (2008)
The Sable’s Night (Shabe Samour) (2010)
The Edge of the Furnace (Lab-e Tanour) (2010)
Baharestan (the Spring of Estahban) (2012)

حتما ببینید

محمدرضا آل ابراهیم؛ پژوهشگر فرهنگ عامه

نام محمدرضا آل ابراهیم در میان اهل خرد و نویســندگان و پژوهشگران ایرانی، خاصه فارس نامه نویسان و فارس پژوهان نامی بزرگ و آشناســت. او شــخصیتی محبوب و نام آشنا در حوزه های داستان نویسی و نقد ادبی و از استهبان پژوهان و شهرنامه نویســان ارزنده ای اســت که علاوه بر سال ها کارمعلمی و تدریس دروس گوناگونی از فرهنگ و ادب از جمله قصه نویســی و قصه پردازی، هم اینک مدیریت نشر ستهبان را بر عهده داشــته و خانواده وی، از همسر گرفته تا دختران او، همگی در کار نوشــتن اند و هریــک از آنان آثاری زیبا و خواندنی دارند. این چهره ماندگار ادب و معرفت، در ســال ۱۳۳۰ در شهرســتان علمی و فرهنگی، مذهبی اســتهبان